Payment Issues? How to fix.

Do you receive any of these messages when doing an online payment?

  • "Payment Declined"
  • "Invalid Credit Card"
  • "Invalid CVV #"
  • "Other Reason"
  • Something else, indicating a failed payment

If so, then please read below on steps you can take to easily resolve this.

Possible Issues & Resolutions:

  • No available funds. It is possible that the current credit or debit card does not have sufficient funds. In this case, resolution is easy. Simply use a different card and you should be good to go.
  • Online Purchasing Limits. If you have never ordered online, or this is the first 'type' of purchase you have made before online (i.e., necklaces, etc) - then your bank may have temporarily prevented the transaction from going through. Banks do this to protect you and make sure it is 'really' you who wants to make the purchase. If this happens - it is very easy to fix.

    Simply give your credit card/bank a phone call (usually the phone number is on the back of the card). Tell your bank that yes, you do wish to make an online purchase. They may first ask you a few verification questions to make sure it is you - and once that is done, you are good to go. After the hold is lifted from your card - since the old order didn't go through, you will most likely need to place a new order. Once that is done, everything should run smoothly, and you are good to go!
  • Payment location. If you are traveling (so are away from home) when you try and make a purchase, or conversely, have never traveled outside of the USA - then your bank may also temporarily decline payments. Fixing it is very easy. Follow the same steps as above - by calling your credit card company/bank and giving them permission to process online transactions. You may be asked a couple verification questions. Afterwards, simply place a new order, and everything should go through & be a-okay!

If you still have issues with payment, please get in contact with us using our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you with 1-2 business days.